Returning With Great Resources

The tag line on the House2House website when we closed in 2015 read “House2House serves the Body of Christ by equipping those seeking a simple/more organic form of church.” While the organisation is gone, most of the resources remain relevant and useful. So the site is being rebooted, with the best free house/simple/organic resources we can find.

Check back soon!

3 thoughts on “Returning With Great Resources”

  1. Hi Guys at House2House,

    A few months ago I’ve left a somewhat traditional evangelical church. Your model looks like the Biblical one to me, and my past experiences are also more positive from the home settings.
    There is one thing which keeps me in a questioning mode at this is time. It is that I can see the websites and YouTube channels of the house groups, and I like what I see and hear. But these groups seem to disappear after a few years. Maybe it’s only their digital trace, but it seems that the groups themselves are relatively short lived. This may not be a bad thing as it seems that Jesus spent only about three years with the twelve disciples.
    But as I also have a desire to do something on this home church line, I would like to have a clearer picture on what should we expect three or five years later.

    Thanks a lot and love in Jesus,

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